In this episode:

  1. Missing a week of therapy
  2. Getting #ThatUsedToBe trending on Twitter and learning about global trivial history
  3. The Geighbors are coming to a town near you
  4. The birth of my first and only nephew Iden and the unexpected joys of said nephew’s arrival
  5. I’m sorry, Joe
  6. Also, #recordoftheday with Joe, from Podblocked
  7. How damn good orange slice jellies candy actually are
  8. Grand theft anecdote: Or how I learned to stop worrying and steal a sucker; when I was, like, five
  9. How much I hate my job and conversely my job hates me
  10. Cafepress and some alternatives?
  11. BLodPods business cards
  12. I didn’t die of food poisoning so the chicken was cooked thoroughly
  13. Holding myself accoutable
  14. Career paths and how much a new one is needed

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